What is a Client Seminar featuring Tom Lundstedt?

Quite simply, it is the best marketing you can do! It's an opportunity for you to dramatically increase your income and differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Tom will enlighten — and entertain! — your clients on why they should own investment real estate. You'll reap the benefits by attracting clients who want to work with you to buy and sell property.

Who are typical sponsors of a Client Seminar featuring Tom Lundstedt?

Real estate companies, individual agents (sometimes teaming up with other agents), and local real estate Boards and Associations. Anyone interested in attracting and motivating clients!

Why should I schedule a seminar for my clients?

Because you'll sell a ton of real estate! The investment property market is hot right now and people are looking for quality information about how to benefit from it. Tom will motivate your clients to take action — which translates into more listings and sales for you.

Here's a great idea for Broker/Owners: Tom's "one-two" punch!

One: Tom will conduct an afternoon session for your agents titled, "How to Work with Real Estate Investors." This session will prepare your agents to do business with people who are interested in investment real estate.

Two: that evening, Tom will conduct a seminar for your clients and prospects titled, "How to Build Wealth with Real Estate."

This is a guaranteed one - two punch that will help agents and clients alike!

Your company will attract more clients, sell more real estate, increase agent productivity, and gain a reputation as the real estate experts.

What's involved?

It's easy...it usually goes like this:
  1. You call Tom to schedule a date for the seminar.

  2. Tom will provide you with:

    a) A marketing flyer that will help you attract people to the seminar.

    b) A powerful article written by Tom titled "Does Your Property Still Measure Up?" which you can send to your client base. The article is designed to convince people who have owned a property for a long time that it's time to list the property (with you!) and exchange it for another.

    c) A set of the seminar handouts for you to copy for each attendee.

  3. To insure an audience made up of people who already own property, as well as people who are just beginning to invest, you can do this: Get a list of non- owner-occupied properties from your County Recorder's office. Send those owners the "Does Your Property Still Measure Up?" article. It's guaranteed to get their attention! That takes care of the experienced property owners.

    To attract the beginners, you send the flyer to people you believe are interested in becoming real estate investors.

    Some sponsors have run ads in their local newspaper. Tom can provide samples of ads that other sponsors have run.

  4. You arrange a location for the seminar — maybe it's a hotel, the meeting room at your office, your Board of REALTORS® office, the basement of a church, or at a bank...heck, Tom once spoke in the waiting area of an airport!

  5. The typical program is in the evening:

    6:00 - 6:30 Refreshments and registration

    6:30 - 8:30
    Tom's program

    8:30 Conclusion You thank your guests for coming and tell them you'll be contacting them.

  6. Have your calendar handy for clients who want to get going right away!

What have other sponsors done?

  • A RE/MAX agent in Los Gatos, California, rented the local movie theatre for the night. His assistant was behind the candy counter passing out treats as his clients walked in. Tom did an abbreviated version of his client seminar and then a movie was shown. (Don't show "The Money Pit!) It was a great night and the REALTOR® who sponsored the event was thrilled. It worked so well that he and Tom did it again a few months later.
  • A Coldwell Banker agent in Denver teamed up with a financial planner, a property manager, a title company, and an exchange facilitator to sponsor a client seminar. They scheduled Tom's seminar for a Wednesday evening. Then, the following week, they invited people back to talk about specific properties for sale in the Denver market. One of the attendees said, "I recently inherited $1,000,000 and now I know what to do with it." How would you like him for a client?!
  • A multi-office real estate company in Minnesota finds these programs so successful that they schedule one every six weeks or so. They put an ad in the Minneapolis/St. Paul newspapers and always attract 500 people, or more! The vice-president of the company told Tom, "This is the best marketing we've ever done. How else can you get hundreds of people in one room and they're all interested in real estate!"
  • Don't get the idea that the crowd has to be huge for the program to pay off. A REALTOR® in Rolla, Missouri, scheduled a Saturday morning program but only wanted a small number of motivated people to attend. Only 12 people showed up (three of them from the same family), but the results were terrific. One man owned 26 properties in town. After listening to Tom, he realized it was time to move his equity into other properties. The man told the sponsoring REALTOR® he was ready to list the properties and get going ASAP!

OK, so how much is it going to cost me?

We're glad you asked! The answer is that, in the long run, it doesn't cost anything - you'll make money because you'll sell lots of real estate.

Tom's fee for a client seminar is $3,295 plus travel expenses. His fee for the "one-two" punch (agent + client seminars) is $3,795 plus travel expenses.

It's often a good idea to schedule your program at a time when Tom is already speaking in your area. This would allow you to reduce the travel expenses by sharing them with one, or more, sponsors.

What do I do right now?

That's easy! If your goal is to attract qualified, motivated investor clients, pick up the phone and call Tom to discuss how a client seminar will propel your business. Contact Tom at 1-920-854-7046.


For more information, please call 1-920-854-7046