"I learned more about real estate investing from Tom than I did in four years of college ... and I majored in real estate!"

Learn More about "Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Profitable ... and Fun"

"Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Profitable ... and Fun"

A 4-Part Online Investment Series

Presented by Tom Lundstedt

Investors want profitable properties – from single-family rental houses to duplexes to commercial buildings and beyond. Real estate professionals who can confidently evaluate these properties and present the information in a clear, understandable manner will provide valuable service to their clients and dominate this growing market.

You'll laugh and learn as your presenter, Tom Lundstedt, enthusiastically leads you through real-world rental property examples. When you've completed the 4-Part Online Series, you'll be able to comfortably "talk the talk" about essential topics including:

  • Cash flow
  • Rate of return
  • NOI
  • Depreciation
  • Income tax savings
  • Pricing rental property
  • And much more

The 4-Part Online Series is a convenient, low-cost and efficient training option. It's available 24/7 with unlimited viewing. You complete each Part at a time and place convenient to you.

The Series consists of four, individual 90-minute sessions – each with a different emphasis:

  • "Working with Investor BUYERS"
  • "Working with Investor SELLERS"
  • "How to Value a Rental Property"
  • "When, Why and How to Do a Real Estate 1031 Exchange"

Stand out from your competition by learning:

  • How to use simple, one-page worksheets to enlighten and motivate buyers
  • How to instantly determine if a rental property is overpriced
  • The huge tax deduction most people, including your accountant, overlook
  • When to sell, hold or refinance
  • How to maximize cash flow before tax
  • How to double your income tax savings
  • Why exchanging – rather than selling – is more attractive than ever
  • The best way to establish the value of a rental property
  • When and how to move equity from one property to another
  • A simple method to determine a property's investment value
  • How to eliminate capital gain tax

When you purchase the Series, you'll receive via email the links that take you to each on-line presentation.

Included with each session is a pdf Study Guide that contains a course outline, worksheets and case studies. Also included are extra practice exercises for those who want to master what they've learned.

Tom Lundstedt is available for free coaching/consulting for Series participants.

The Series will increase your confidence when working with investor clients as well as investing for yourself. It will open your eyes to many new opportunities that you might be currently missing.

The total price for the 4-Part Series is only $99.95.